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OK, I played through this game very quickly before the any patches came out on my old computer and the only problems i really remember was some videos not playing and the part at the fuel station at the start where moving T3 was difficult.


Well, I have gotten a new computer since then with the following specs:

-120GB hard drive

-256MB GeForce FX 5700 LE video card with the latest driver

-1.5GB of DDR RAM

-3.4GHz pentium 4 processor


Well, recently I have the urge to replay this game when I heard of a patch. But I honestly can't tell if things are better or worse from the first time I played it. The movies seem to play fine but sometimes they play without the sound. The game will sometimes skip the other persons dialogue and skip to where you answer. The game also doesn't start dialogues where it is supposed to and the animations of the characters during these dialogues are way off or you don't see them when it does the cut-scene.


I have tried playing with the settings and nothing seems to improve the situation. Anyone have an idea as to what I could do to fix this problem?

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