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no! all of that hard work!

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hiya, well ill get straight to it


when you complete all the planets...you get an avtivated trigger...KNOWN AS!!!"message from kelborn"


due to my crap computer...or the mods... i didnt get it, so heres the question


can some1 make a mod that activates that trigger




can some1 send me there saved game(female plz) after thave(prefrably just after) got the message from kelborn


thank you,

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You're right, that should have triggered it - in fact, you should get the message when you return to the Ebon Hawk on Dxun, before you have a chance to leave the system.


Try reloading from immediately after you get back from Onderon, and going back to the Ebon Hawk again.


Do you have any other non-bonus quests still open?

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