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What EXACTLY happened at Malachor V?

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Neither game goes into this much (or if it does I missed it).


All I have gathered (via the snippits of info given when saving game on Malachor in KOTOR2) is that Reven lured the mandalorians there, (something about a cultural taboo was mentioned as well), and the planet was somehow destroyed by a "mass shadow generator", which took out the mandalorians and much of the republic fleet as well.


Can anyone fill me in?

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Information about this will of course include spoilers, as this is a very important part of the game.


People might be more willing to answer if you post over in the spoilers forum.


Nevertheless, the ending of the game isn't terribly clear and there have been plenty of debates and discussions on these forums as to what happened and what it meant. It's hard to give a clear answer to your question.

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