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Dark Side Dantoonie Freeze

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I seem to have a slight problem with finishing the game. I'm playing the game on the X-Box (because Microsoft owns my soul) as a male dark sider. I've killed all the Jedis and now I'm going to Dantoonie. I walk into the enclave, Kreia does her thing with taking a seat on the tree. It switches back to me walking into the courtyard, the camera starts to pan across the empty space where on the light side you'd have Jedis standing then... freezes in mid-pan. The music plays to the end of it's speil then ends as well. Nothing then. I've tried everything I can think of, but it won't work.


I never had this problem with light side, and I don't see any scratches on the disk, so... I don't know what the problem is. It is rather annoying, however.

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The Dark side of the force cloudes everything!!!


Seriously, i couldnt get my KOTOR games to load, even though there wernet any scratches on the discs.


My advice is pull the cables out of ure XBOX, and blow into the fan, then a cloud of dust should cover the look on ure face, then buy a dvd lens cleaner and an xbox dvd playback kit, and clean the lens, my three year old xbox runs like a new born.


If that dont work send another post

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