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Dwarf Campaign


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I just like to say hello to fellow RPG developers here, and make a little advertisement for our RPG mod project, which defines my background:


Dwarf Campaign

(Click the title to enter our site)




It's a top quality mod for Warcraft III, which has already some 50 000 downloads and translations being worked into several languages (French, Spanish, ...). It's got a strong focus on story and gameplay design, which, I believe, are held in high regard at Obsidian Entertainment as well. Lately, we have been developing a concept for combining the story-wise aspects of single player campaigns and the joy of multiplayer games and have succeeded well in Chapter 3: Temple of the Old Gods, which is effectively a multiplayer story. An upcoming Chapter 4 (title unannounced) will feature even greater conceptual advances. Also, the campaign will be getting voicing in the near future, with skilled voice actors helping us.


Developers and gamers here are welcome to visit our site and download it. I am willing to discuss the mod here, as well as general topics related to mod development, RPGs, story telling, computer RPG development, and how you can turn your ideas into a successful product/mod.


Cheers! ;)

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