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Unfolding as we play, or simply Updates?

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I ran a search regarding this subject, but nothing worthwhile came up.


I've played KOTOR 2 constantly over the last few months trying out all of the Classes with Male and Female characters. During my last game as a Light Side Sentinel, Carth Onasi showed up in the game for the first time as the Republic Admiral who orders the Harbringer to find the Ebon Hawk.

He is also spoken to by the Disciple during the Dantooine Mission(s).


Was Carth always in the game, or was he added after the fact in one of the Update Patches?


Also; does anybody else out there have problems with choppy/slow graphics at Khoonda? If so, just go to the graphics window, change the high or medium quality to Low. Then, close out the screen and open it back up. Go back and change the setting to Med or High( depnding upon the quality of your computer ), then close out the screen(s) again.

Your graphics should be top notch at this point, but don't forget to bring the level of the lighting/gamma up or the screen will appear too dark.


Hope this helps some of you,

The Lightbringerrr

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