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Cant get off Telos

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Ive been looking to alot of posts here and on other forums and it seens i cant find anyone having the same problem i have anywhere :S anyway, im just about to leave the secret academy on telos and are in my ship when handmaiden is added to the party after the conversation with the crew about T3 stealing some holograms with the main character when he is kicked out the jedi order.


After she is added to the party a loading screen comes up and it is just loading 1/3 of the bar. i cant get past it. Ive tryed loading outside when the 3 droids attacks you but no success, also loading and answered several other lines to ppl but still stops at the same 1/3 of the bar :S


im sitting on a:


2800+ @ 3200+

1024 Adata RAM

BFG 6800GT 256mb




So if anyone could mail me a save game right after leaveing the academy i would be very very happy ;)



edit: please guys, anyone here must have one of thoose save games :)




best regards


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