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Bug At Telos "Snow Academy?"

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I have just started playing the game and i enjoy it as much as i enjoyed kotor 1 (if not more).


Just One problem: I am at Telos academy roof (were you meet 3 HK-50) and when i use the elevator to go down i meet 3 handmaidens... i tell them that i will "show no harm" then a movie sequence start showing a person sitting in a room with pillars around the person... the person then gets tortured by another person... geting to the point: when it goes from the movie sequence back to my character i cant continue. When i try to speak to the characters around me it stands...:


1. [Cheat Node] Jump to the PC confrontation with Atris

2. [Cheat Node] Continue with Krea Conversation


When i press on number 1 it brings me to a conversation with Atris... she stands in the middle of some round room and i stand across some bridge (looks really strange). The conversation ends with her teleporting in front of the exile... then running trough a door into the round room again...


When i press at "2" nothing happens... anyone knows a way to "walk around" this bug?

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