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Terrible Accident response

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After patching TSL (to 1.0b, UK version) I had hoped that the problem of not being able to win the current race track I'm on (Nar Shadda) would be removed. Unfortunately the guy behind the desk still gives his commiserations about the terrible accident I had each time I complete the course <_< .


I updated the game well before reaching Nar Shadda and can only speculate that there's a bug that doesn't let you win if you crash enough times to end the race (ahem, yes, I did that on Nar Shadda :"> )


If anyone has any idea what's going on, or even better a way to get around this, I'd be most greatful.


Thanks >_<

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Swoop racing just hasn't been fixed as far as I can tell. There are pads that still don't work, sometimes they call you champion after you lose, sometimes it doesn't recognize finishing a race if you hit anything at all, etc etc etc. The racing is completely broken and unplayable.

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