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Help please..

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Hi everyone. I'm sure this quiestion was asked before, but I really need some help ..

I loved the original game, and rate it as one of my all time favorite games, but as I have a rather weak machine, I took KOTOR 2 from a friend to check if it will work.

The game was installed ok, character creastion went fine, but as I start to play the game crashes right away, I don't even get to watch the first screen.

Usually I'd think may machine can't handle it, but the truth is that the first game needed some tweaking before it could work too.. I disabled movies, updated my opengl and drivers, disabled grass and shadow and KOTOR 1 works just fine. The machine I use is an HP laptop pavilion with a celeron processor inside (weak, I know) but the funny thing is that both games said it won't run the game but KOTOR 1 works amazingly...

I'm sure this problem can be overcome some how, I've heard something about running it in windowed mode but have no clue as to how to pull it off..

can some please help ?


Thanks ahead, Decameron.

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Try turning the movies off in the configuration dialogue, before you start the game.

You can always turn them back on again, and -- worst case -- you can play the game without them.




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