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Kotor 3 My story

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This is my basic outline of kotor 3 tell me what you think, I know it might be pretty crappy, but just try to be open minded



A long, long time ago ect, ect, ect


(Prologue Like kotor 2 with the ebonhawk)


Pan in to the ravanger hovering mysteriously above the outer rim world of kataar ( The player can see the damaged vessel in full detail showing all its damaged and darkside corruption) surronded by an endless fleet of Sith warships.


Slowly the view screen pans donward into the world of kataar, showing the world as a whole displaying its enviroment, its contents, the camera then moves along at a very fast pace along the enviroment (its mostly a blur on screen) stopping suddenly at a whole gathering of people during the night of about one hundred or so, who are in fact, The last remanants of the jedi order, the ones who did not turn away from the order.

The masters, Vandar, Zhar, Dorak, are at the head of the group, The camera slowly pulls into a front view of a group of about 5 jedi younglings, then into a close up view of one of the youngling (male or female, who happens to be your character for the game).


The dialogue beggins with speeches by the four jedi masters (it varies on the results of the 1st and second kotor which you determine) they address the crowd of jedi about the absences of the jedi council members, Revans actions, the sith threat, what they are doing on kataar and how they are going to plan there next course of action.


Suddenly before the words of the wise master Vandar are finished, Screems of the people over shadow all that is happening. They for some reason are witnessing there world decaying at a incredibly fast rate, some jedi draw there lightsabers, but as they cannot see the threat they are helpless to do anything.



Total panic then errupted by the remaining jedi and population that inhabbit the world of kataar lakes start to evapourate young children suddenly fall on the ground with no sign of live there is total bedlem as the jedi every man for themselfs scramble to find safe cover (not knowing that its not going to help)


Suddenly the camera moves to our character the jedi youngling who being young and small is pushed around and knocked to the groung as a result of the panic, but before he/she gets up he/she passes out and the screen goes black for a few seconds.

Until finally it flashes open onto a young teenage character awakens (Sort of like the begginingg of kotor 1 when revan awakens on the capital ship that is being attacked) he/she is dressed in slave clothing and resides in a small shack on the remote plant of tatoonie. Unaware of his/her past (Using the basic plot formula for all kotor games, having the character start off with the loss of perception)



To be continued (If you wanted it to)



I will stop there because most of you would be pretty sick of this story by now, so tell me what you think I will write more if you people like the story.


P.S sorry about the spelling

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