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Manual Uninstall??

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Hi there...


I just noticed that when I went to play the game, that the shortcut for the uninstaller changed from what I remembered it to be.


When I tried clicking on it, I got an error message saying that windows could not locate the program. Going to 'Add/Remove Programs' and clicking on either change or remove does nothing either.


When I hovered the mouse over the uninstaller's icon it gives you the location for the file in question which went something like:


C;\Program Files\InstallShield\[long string of alphanumeric characters]


When I followed the path specified, I found a few folders there, all of which had a 'Setup.exe' executable there.. Found things like my scanner, a few games, a few patch programs and such.. but the KotOR folder did not have one. I swear I didn't even know that folder existed so its not possible I removed it.


The only other thing I can think of, is that at one time I had both KotOR I and II installed at the same time (but to different drives). Would uninstalling that, remove the uninstaller for KotOR II???


Oh.. and can anyone give me a way to manually remove the game? More specifically, what registry keys I should look for (aside from the obvious Lucasarts/KotOR II ones).. Is there anything Obsidian specific there?

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