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PC- All saves corrupted

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All my saves have had the party members auto-leveled up automatically before reloading the saved games. I had been saving levels to make Atton and he was only a lvl 6 scoundrel, I turned him into a Jedi Sentinel, and it auto-leveled him up to 13 scoundrel and lvl 1 Sentinel. I promply reloaded my quick save, prior to the Atton talk to level him up instead of relying on Auto-level. I figured I would like to pick the skills and feats if it wouldn't let me save the levels. I did so and it already had Atton Auto-leveled to 13 instead of lvl 6 Scoundrel.


All other characters have been auto-leveled aswell on every save, like T3 whom was level 3 still, the Handmaiden who was level 6 ect ect.


I feel very devestated by this bug.

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Kotor 1 wasn't like that.


If I had not leveled up Bastila from lvl 6 to 7 I could save the game, and reload and re-level her up to lvl 7 again and again.


In this game it WAS the same way, I could reload a saved game and level someone up a different way.


Say I saved Atton at lvl 5 with one level up to lvl 6. I could reload that save, and it would NOT have auto-leveled him up already and I could then level him up to level 6.


All my saves have been corrupted now, the ones that were level 3 or level 6 have all been auto-leveled up to levels 13 ect ect.

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In the Options menu, the "Auto-Level Up" option did not have an x next to it prior to the turning Atton into a Jedi. I just looked at it had an x next to it. I then unchecked the x next to it, and tried to reload previous saved games that I had not leveled up characters in and there are none. There were a ton of those I had saved, so I could fully upgrade T3-M4 with maximum Intelligence when I had the 20 in Repairing and Computer Use.


I no longer have saves that I had originally saved them as, it Auto-leveled everything up and completely altered every saved game I had.

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