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Plague Force Power

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Hey there,


I've started a Jedi Guardian, but very much in the Dark Side at the moment. I'm focusing on heavy armour, and strong weapons with rather limited force usage.


I used to use Affliction and Energy Resistance before entering a fight... few bonuses for me, poison to the enemy.


I've since reached (without spoiling for anyone) the first ice area, and I'm sparring... so I've taken off my armour, upgraded from my ever-loved Affliction to Plague, and it works a treat.


I've now saved the game, moved on only to find out I can no longer cast Plague. No-one scream "bug!" "bug!" -- its partly my own fault -- Plague is restricted by armour.


I'm fairly certain this wasn't the case in the first Knights of the Old Republic, as I also went a Dark Jedi Guardian to begin with...


My question is.. Is there any way I can select Affliction over Plague in combat? Any way of setting it so that Plague does not appear when selecting what Force Power to use? I can put down wasting one Force Power to my own stupidity and not reading the whole description before getting it ... but having the older Force Powers that previously worked taken away?


Other than that, thanks for making such a great game! I've only had it a short while, and already it has cost me much in caffeine to keep me alive (barely) at work, only to be able to find out where the game will take me next when I get home.



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