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Great Bug in Jarr Jarr Tekk

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I'm in Jarr Jarr Tekk on Nar Shaddaa, played the arena match as Hanharr (the wookie), killed all the Ubese mercs and opened the door. Now after the cut-scene I should be able to play as my character, but for some reason I'm stuck with Hanharr again. Since ther's notmuch to do, I go to teh arena again, which triggers the dialogue with Visquis, who obviously thinks I'm a Jedi and I get electrocuted. After that, ther's another cut-scene and then black screen with msic playing and cursor moving, though I can't see it, but when I click at some of the buttons, it shows normal screen again (I mean normal menu screen, like equip, map etc.).

Anyone has this problem too and/or knows how to fix it (apart from going to another planet and/or waiting for that ****ing patch?


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Thanks for the info, I'll try it as soon as I get back to my PC, if it doesn't work I guess I have no option than to wait for the patch to publish...

And thanks for the info, I thought it looked a bit weird but thought I got it right... ;)

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