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Sound Stutters

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Despite so many people reporting problems with this game, luckily mine runs pretty much like normal, apart from one annoying factor.


I keep getting frequent sound stutters and distortions. At first i believed it was because i was using graphics options that put too much strain on my CPU. But after lowering every setting to the minimum, the sound stutters remain.


My sound card drivers are up to date, and i even tried my onboard sound to see if that helped, the problem persisted. Im guessing this is a game issue, but i have yet to see any related problems posted here? Does anyone have any info about this please?


My PC specifications are


Athlon XP 2200

512MB DDR Ram

GeForce 6600GT

Sound Blaster Live! 5.1


I usually run the game with frame buffers, shadows and grass turned on. 1280x960, no AA / x4 AF.


Any help/info is appreciated, thank you.

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