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The one thing that I want for K3

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The main point in repleability for the KOTOR series is light and dark endings (beside male and female posible interactions) but the light side campain is the most elaborated and rich


How would this be for a dark sider:


In K1 after you reasume your identity of Dark Revan and go to Korriban you should had been able to take control of the Sith Academy and rally your forces to take back the star forge and defeat Malak. Instead of just killing everyone and just keep pretending that nothing has changed for the Jedi Council.


In k2 be able to chalenge one of the Sith Lords for the control of the Sith or use the Exchange to get that control


At the very least the Sith should react diferently if you are clearly going down the dark side - as not to attack you blindely no matter what


I know that this would be harder to implement but hei this are professional game developers and making good games is their business right???


There are more things to get right but this is the things that I just felt that is really missing (and should have been)


ps: sorry for some bad spelling

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