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a wild idea on a quest for future KoTORs

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I have this strange idea of a quest that had many options and not purely hack-and-slash and can be potentially quite difficult (particularly for option (6), since while you maybe an "uber" Jedi who is good at killing, but protecting others from getting killed maybe more challenging). Anyway, here it is, I hope I didn't make it too complicated...


the premise:


1) From some source (e.g. some talkative Sith soldiers, Sith datapad, or some captured Sith after "persuasion" by HK-47), you knew some base/planet with large civilian population with a weak or no military (either because they recently suffered defeat, never had a strong military, or just too large of a civilian population for the current military forces to handle, etc; just weak enough that it's obvious there is no way in winning) is going to be attacked/slaughtered (similar to the situation in one of the "diagnostic" questions for the PC in KoTOR1 in the Wookie world)....

2) And suppose from the same source, you suspect there might be some vital plot information on the flagship of the invading force (let's presume they are Sith)



possible actions:


1) just grab your ship and run (before Sith arrives)


2) if (1), you could also take a few of the rich people with you for money (some DS points?) (you could sell them to the Exchange for more DS points?)


3) stay and do something...:

(3a) help preparing as many ships as possible (need repair/computer skills) to get as many as people to flee before the Sith arrives

(3b) load freighters with explosives and reprogram their navi-computer to ram into the Sith ships (may need to successfully execute (5) below, and require some very high intelligence/computer/repair/demolitions to do this)


4) broadcast distress calls, and hope there is a republic fleet somewhere nearby that can send help (and help evacuation) (need high computer skills encrypt the message to avoid Sith intercepting the call, which would reveal your knowledge about their plan)


5) perhaps if you can send some false message to the Sith forces (e.g via the spy/scout you caught) to buy yourself some time (may require persuasion or force persuasion, and may be wisdom/intelligence checks needed) (some DS points possible depending on methodology of "persuasion")


6) if called for help (i.e. (4)), you may choose to stay to hold the Sith back for long enough for the republic to arrive and aid in evacuation. (e.g. you fight endless horde of Sith in corridors in the docking bay areas where civilians are evacuating, and you're required to draw enemy fire from civilians, or holding a line so the Sith don't get control of some crucial doorway, choke points, etc) (definitely some major LS points) (and perhaps if you succeeded in (3b), the fight would be easier)


**some minor tactical difference may be chosen for (6):

(6a) you can lead/send a small party to board the Sith's flagship (perhaps you need to succeed in (5) first to confuse the enemy and to allow you to board) while the rest of your crew defend the civilians on the base/planet; at the flagship, you can try to further hinder the Sith's progress and perhaps gain the vital plot information from the flagship


(6b) similar to (6a), but you use the civilians and your party on the base/planet as bait to draw out and divert bulk of Sith's forces, so you can board the flagship and get the plot info but then sacrifice your party members on the base/planet and leave without them (major DS points, and possibly encountering some of those abandoned allies later seeking you for revenge)




And whether you get LS/DS or neither points could depend on what combinations of these actions you take. Some examples:


neutral: (1) only

slightly DS: (1) + (2)

loads of DS: (4) + (5) using torture techniques + (6b) [(4) required only to trick your disposable allies into defending the base/planet while you board the flagship]

neutral/slightly LS: (3a or 3b) + (4) + (5) the LS way + (1) before Sith arrives

loads of LS: (3a or 3b) + (4) + (5) the LS way + (6) without boarding the flagship or (6a)




***And it could be even more fun if the result of some of the tactics can't be known immediately (e.g. for (4), you can't tell if your encryption is good enough. If you fail, perhaps the Sith will arrive sooner, more prepared; or for (5), you can't tell if your false info can actually confuse/trick the sith. If you fail, then you can't board the flagship, or (3b) won't work, etc)



Anyway, that's my "wild" idea that just popped in my head.... please let me know if it makes any sort of sense.

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