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Handmaiden Robe glitch

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There is a glitch in the handmaiden's robes. You are able to stock pile her mother's jedi robes (white). I had 4 sets in my inventory when i noticed that when you ask her to teach you echani fighting moves while aboard the ebon hawk, and she takes off her clothes, they stock pile in your inventory. when you ask her to put some clothes on she puts on a new set, then if ya ask her to teach you again, if she is willing, she will remove the robes again, which adds another set to your inventory, and then ask her to put on a new set, she puts on a "new" set, not a set in your inventory.


I was able to learn her fighting techniques all at once because i ignored her for most of the game, then remmebered her again, and went and talked to her and was able to learn them all back to back, and in between each teachiong i put my own armor back on and asked her to put her's on too, which is when i noticed the stock piled robes. this may help find the sopurce of the bug.

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