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Freezing issue

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Ok basically, the game runs perfect, but after playing the game for 30 - 60 mins. The game just freezes and locks up my pc, forcing me to restart. My pc specs are:


p4 2.5ghz

512 ddr ram

geforce fX 5700 ultra

windows xp pro sp2


I suffer no gfx glitches or problems before the lockup, it just comes from nowhere. All my drivers are up to date.


Any feedback will be appreciated.


Thanks :p"

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It's actually noted in their release notes on the CD. The devs know that if you stay at a level for about 30 - 60 minutes, your chances of crashing increase higher and higher. It's the safe bet to save every so often so you don't find yourself having to do everything over again. Usually if you get to transition to a new level, other location where the game does an auto-save, I've seen it work fine. It's those extra long levels.


Either case, hope that helps.

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