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nar shada

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i got 10 pages in and didn't see this prob;em. i can't complete nar shada because i never get attacked by the slavers. i've finished the game twice so i def. done all quests. even pay the ewok in entertainment district. this is the first time i got all characters as jedi and wanted to see if any different at end. if not i'll stop now take the game of my drive and burn the discs. lucas arts and obsidian should be ashamed of the product sent out. i understand obsidian is in a poor possision but it's their name that gets trashed

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I'm having the same problem, it seems. I've done about everyhting there is to be done on Nar Shaddaa according to a walkthrough I found (and everything on every other planet I can get to at this point as well I think) except podracing (because it can't be played proper because of a bug that prevents controlling the vertical movement of the podracer), but the Red Eclipse attack never happens. Please say something can be done, even if it involves hex-editing something or whatever, as long as I can get ahead in the game.. =X

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for me, the cutscene which shows the slavers talk to that guy who owns the landing bay triggers only when i move directly from landing bay towards the refugees sector, when i move the other way round the central nar shadda landing area the cutscene never triggers...


only when i left the ship an headed directly towards refugees sektor (leaving the tunnels leading to landing bay to the right, directly to the entrance of the sektor, not going round the center square)


hope you understand what i mean, because i'm not native english and not sure i explained it right


perhaps this may help



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The game won't let me progress anymore. The only thing left to do on Nar Shadaa is to meet with the exchange... but its not doing it. I've beaten all the Red Eclipse Slavers, I've done all the little missions on the map, I have beaten the Champ in Pazaak, I even paid the mouse-guy 2000 credits to gain the Exchanges attention. Supposedly someone is supposed to ask me to meet the exchange at the Jakk something bar but it hasn't happened. Supposedly Atton is to fight a pair of bounty hunter twins but it hasn't happened. Is there a way to fix this glitch? or do I just have to wait for a patch update?


I have gone on to finish all I can do on every other world available, but now I am being held up because I can't get a meeting with the Exchange which goes on to the Goto board.


Any help?

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