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Movies stutter and swoop racing

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There seem to be so many problem with TSL, but these two have affected my gaming more than any others.


First the swoop racing, I don't understand how they could mess this up so bad. First of all, my swoop racer appears permanently "jumped", so it glides over all obstacles, but I can't go over speed boosts either. And even if this doesn't happen, and I do beat the time, I am told I crashed or something. Did they even test this? ONCE? I realise both of those problems have been mentioned before, I just want to know if I am missing anything by skipping swoop racing (I am currently on Telos).


My other problem is the movies, right from when I load the game (the Lucas Arts and Obsidian logos) the movies stutter. They stop every few seconds, both sound and video. This makes them basically unwatchable, and is ruining the story and enjoyment of the game for me. On top of that, they are seriously low quality, I can't see why they would stutter like this.


I had absolutely no problems at all with anything in KotOR 1, and I played that on full settings with 2xAA. I was under the impression that KotOR 2 used just about the same engine (it damn well looks like it!), and yet I have to turn all settings down to medium to have it playable. But that shouldn't even affect movies, something like playing a low quality movie should be a simple task for even low-end PCs, I have no trouble with playing DVDs or high quality movies out of the game.

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