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Corrupted saves

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OK-I'm thoroughly irritated now. I first played the game up to near the end of Peragus. Went to go from one area to another, and the game locks up and crashes. No big deal right? Well, I hadn't saved it in a bit, so I get to start over. However, when I restart, all the areas that I had previously visited are viewable, all the items that I had found were in my inventory, all the things I needed to do were done, yet none of the objectives were met. So, now I'm stuck. I've already done the things required, but the game says I haven't. Hmmm.. OK. Uninstall. Reinstall after updating my video drivers.

Game runs a bit more smoothly this time around. This time I get all the way to Citadel Station. Game crashes as I go from one area to the next. Auto save slot gets borked again, same as it did before. I go back to a manual save I had done. The closest one was also borked. Tried another (before I even got to Citadel Station) and amazingly it works.

So, I continue on with my game. This time I am all the way to Malachor V, just before I meet up with Sion and "xxxxx" (spoiler). Game locks up again. This time every single one of my save game slots (7 of them plus the auto save) are corrupted. I can't go any farther.


I'll be damned if I start this entire game over with this kind of glitch possibly happening again. Please tell me something is in the works for fixing this, or that something else can be causing this that can be corrected. Otherwise, I guess I've wasted $45 I could have used on something else.


Hmmmm... Against my own better judgement, I restarted a brand new game. Guess what? My brand new game which I started with an entirely newly created charactor has an entire inventory of items, armor, weapons, etc. and can see the entire initial map. I deleted all the save games except for the auto-save slot, and all of a sudden I can only see part of the map, but I still have a full inventory. Wierd. So, I wander around a bit and try saving the map. Quit the game and come back in, load the manual save point and "whallah", the entire map is viewable again, even tho I hadn't explored it all.

Thus far, I'm the only person who seems to keep getting corrupted save points (although I certainly haven't read ALL the posts here). I've uninstalled the entire game, (savepoints and all) and reinstalled it so I can start completely over.

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