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Kreia and Bao-Dur won't answer

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Hi all,


I am playing the pc version of KotOR2.


I have a NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti200 running the latest drivers and so is the DirectX I am using. I am running WinXP SP1.


During the installation, the process crashed and I had to restart only to reach a new crash later on during the installation. ( ex. 1st crash occurs at ~30% , 2nd at ~ 60%, , etc. etc. ) By sheer force of will , I restarted the installation after every crash ; finally the game was installed. - I deemed this to be the only way to play the game , after numerous clean installs where the problem would reappear. --- so I am running a flawed installation . I also patched the game to the




latest patch.



Now , let me present you the matter which troubles me ....


At some point in the game, Kreia and Bao-Dur will stop answering me. My main character will <LEFT CLICKY> them and they will turn towards him, but will not engage dialogue. I solved this by selecting them and then addressing my main character.

While in the Ebon Hawk , it is impossible to speak to them.

Also, they seem to stay at the entrance of the area I am in and tend to ignore any skirmishes occuring nearby - unless I select them and move them where I see fit.

Apart from that, they often refuse to operate computers and similar stuff...


Sooo ... after Telos-Dantooine-Korriban-Dxun-Onderon-Nar Shadda-Onderon, mr fancy pants decides to teach Handmaiden the ways of the Jedi, Kreia ponders this to be a betrayal and I find myself in the Telos Academy.


There I find the door to the Mystical Chamber of Meditation or whatever locked and cold if you touch it , the Ebon Hawk refusing to let me board it and Kreia waiting for me in the dojo sparring room holding a sword and not the small lightsaber she should.

Since she is the sole inhabitant of the whole level , one would expect her to say sth or fight me or whatever so as the plot to proceed.


Alas ... as in the Ebon Hawk, the same here! My main character cannot start any dialogue with Kreia. It seems the game is stuck ...



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Greetings, I am the first poster.


To sum this up :


1. Inside the Ebon Hawk, dialogue with Kreia & Bao-Dur cannot be initalized.


2. Back at the Telos Academy ( and I suppose prior to the Handmaiden's training ), Kreia won't speak to me, I cannot board the Ebon Hawk and since everything else in the level is shut and noone else is there, the game is irreversibly stuck.

Apparently, the Handmaiden does not learn the ways of the Jedi - ever.


3. Kreia and Bao-Dur, when selected, quite often cannot perform repairs and security tasks. This becomes troublesome on Dxun, while the hero is on Onderon

and generally when you relied on Bao-Dur to fix/lockpick sth.



I remind again that I play from a flawed/corrupt installation - no matter what I did, after every ' clean ' un-installation the ( aforementioned ) problem would re-appear unaltered.



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i finished the game as a jedi sentinel / jedi watchman.


handmaiden wasn't trained


i' ve missed a few plot points



that's all -- this game was a decent xbox game, whose port i played on my age-ing pc, being a sw geek -- obsidian wake up, or die !

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Yeah, you can still beat the game, but you don't get as much out of it.


I mean for hells sake, the game was released about 3 months after it was on Xbox, WHY THE HELL ARE THERE STILL BUGS?


It's called TIME-MANAGEMENT dickwits

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