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I am stuck.........been to all the planets not sure what I need to do to get story going again? ALthough it seems Dantooine has more for me to do I am just not sure what. Been to the caves. Been in the Enclave. Had Mandalore bitch slap the other Mandolorians. Had R2 or whatever the astrodroids name is talk to the greeter droid to cough up the vrook convo.......what do I need to do? Also in the cave on Korriban I get to the end of it and the energy on the ground wont let me past.....basically says I am not far enough aligned with the dark side or light side and until I am I cannot enter. ANy help would be hot! Thanks

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In the Enclave sublevel where you met Disciple are some bodies. search them and a datapad from Azgul about capturing Vrook. Then in the Kinrack caves some mercs have Vrook captured. You deal with them and when you leave the cave Azgul asks you to join an attack on Koonda. Either help the defence or the attack. At the end you either talk to or kill Vrook.

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