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My first genuine bug

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First of all i'm at my 4th time through the game and everything went smooth for all tree previous time. As i recall i had some glitches (like stuck in doors and 1 time i had a CTD)


Here is my bug, i have made Atton a jedi, now i'm fighting Handmaiden for the third time and go through all the dialog needed to turn her into a jedi up till Kreia says :: Betrayal :: and then it cuts and i'm leaving the game to the menu with Darth Nihilus and smoke


If anyone knows why that happens tell me, i'm using NVIDIA driver 66,93 i think

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Update: Now it seems that whenever i try to load a video in the process say to have a cutscene or seeing the Ebon Hawk flying from place to place, i crash to the menu...


I'm not worried though i still had lots of hours of gameplay up until now.


sorry for those of you who still can't play

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