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So I went back to Kotor 1

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When I was playing kotor2, some things felt not right. I went back and played about half of kotor 1 to try and comfirm what I thought, and here are my observations:


1- In kotor 2, the head of my character had polygons poping out of his neck depending of the direction he looked. Never had that in kotor 1.


2- Cut scene transitions are always messed up in kotor 2. Like it will fade to black, then for a second you will see the game view, then the cutscene or movie will play. It was smooth as silk in kotor 1.


3- All the problems with camera locations during dialog are not present in kotor 1


4- Kotor 1 had a decent ending.


5- The graphics are much more detailed in kotor 1 ! By that I mean the backgrounds mostly.



Finally, one good thing about the graphics in kotor 2 was the heads of the various human models, which looked much better than the elongated faces in kotor 1. And the items too had better graphics, and increasing the resolution didn't make the user interface super small.

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