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happened to anyone else besides me i got into the battle part with



the militiah on dantoonie and the sene faded out then everyone went back into



khooda and my screen went pitch black i could still save the game and pause the



game but i couldnt see anything includeing my main character and party members


and the miltitah and other characters so far i just have had that problem on


dantoonie but obviosly the problem was on that planet so i rebooted and left there


and went to the k planet don't know how to spell that planet sorry but anyways


has this happened to anyone else besides me ???




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I haven't had this problem. You also have another post with another problem that I never knew about. I think your mishaps might have something to do with your version of the game itself.


Are you running the game off a HDD on a modded XBOX? If you are then you should be aware that the developers have released warnings about this same problem with the screen going balck and such.


If not then there might something wrong with your own personal disk itself. If the problem persist then I advise returning your copy of the game in exchange of another. If you explain your reasons for returning then there shouldn't be a problem in doing this. If this does not fix the problem, then you will probably have to PM some developers you problem.


Sorry I couldn't help,

Jedi Master Dakari

"Learn to harness your anger and control your fear. Dominate your emotions! But do not let them overcome you; for they can surely cause you to fall to the dark side.

If you expect to win against a Sith then you need to fight like a Sith! If you do not, you will always be met with defeat."

-- Jedi Master Seraphis Dakari

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