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Inventory and Creating light saber problem

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Hi can anyone help? I am having a problem with creating my light sabre when I speak to Boa Dur about creating it he says I need a lens but I have 3 lenses in my inventory. I am on Dantooine. There also seems to be a problem using repair pack and spikes to fix the droids and computers it says there are none in my inventory. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have a save game where I went to

went to another planet first and I could make my ligh sablre there

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The lenses you have is an upgrade lens. You need a special one (I think it was called "fixture lens" or something like that, but don't quote me on that).



Found it. You'll need:

1) Lightsaber Energy Cell Fixture (lspart01)

2) Lightsaber Emitter Fixture (lspart02)

3) Lightsaber Focusing Lens Fixture (lspart03)


The lspart0... is the item code. You can use the console and type "giveitem" followed by the item code to get it directly. However, getting those parts shouldn't be hard if you just do some side-quests.

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