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The strangest of bugs at the Dantooine Jedi meetin


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I posted this at Lucasarts as well:


As a result of a bug which doesn't let me advance to Telos from Dantooine revisited, I've been playing the Jedi Council scene a lot.


The last time, I don't remenber which dialogue options I chose, but something bizarre happened.


Suddenly, the conversation stopped and the Jedi masters where there, standing. When I clicked on them, they fall to the ground and the usual window "they are worse than dead" appeared.


I exited to the main courtyard and found Kreia sitting. I clicked on her and he said "great battle" and went on on a long conversation about the Dark Side. Finally she shoot me a force lighting and I fell to the ground. I hear her speaking to me via telepathy, and then the Handmaiden appeared to take her to Telos and everything went on as usual (untill the game crashed when loading Telos).

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