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Black Screen Of Death *Spoiler*

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System Information:


OS: Microsoft Xp Professional SP2

Motherboard: MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum

Processor: AMD Athlon64 Fx-55 @2.6ghz

Ram: 1 gig of corsair 2-2-2-5

HardDrive: W.D. 74 gig 10,000 rpm

Video: ATI Radeon9800xt 256 mb

Sound: Audigy Mp3


After playing 25-40 ercent of the game or at least i think i have... i beat the 5 handmaidens and then head to the ebon hawk to depart when i do so the movie where the handmaidens notice the last of the handmaides has left *has played* the next level loads successfully but the screen is black music plays and the icons are all black but the mouse appears just fine, i can actually select the icons with the mouse and the screen is visible only inside the options menu... when i select the map its blank. when i hit shift +F4 to reload the level i can faintly see that i am inside the ebon hawk and the charachters... i hope i was as detailed as possible ... and i have my dxdiag.txt available upon request. I am stuck and can no longer progress in the game. thank you for your help.


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i found a temporary work around ... do not fight the maidens if you have party members ... and if you already do ... do not fight the maidens untill you return... reason beeing for some reasons the charachters get stuck standing on the floor fighting mat and they do not return with you to the ebon hawk ... pretty ****ty bug but i found out that not having your team with you when you fight is the only walk around on this bug.

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