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Wah? You can't turn him into a Jedi without enough influence (or loss. Yes, you can make someone a Jedi if you lose enough, they just won't share your alignment)... Unless you mean the "What's your problem with the Jedi?" one? I've never been able to get that bloody thing to trigger. Ever. ><


I've been able to unlock that. It's pretty good stuff as well. You have to get to that question before he actually joins your party when you meet him in the Enclave sublevel. You can also do this with a male as well.

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Gah. That must be a bug, then, because it certainly seems like it you should only get it after he joins. For the longest time I was wondering why D.Simpson even had the option in his FAQ if the opposite were true:


D7: [influence: Success] The problem is my own, I fear. I harbor...      .

  .  - LSP - I was one of those Jedi. I must accept part of that            .

  .    responsibility.                                                      .

  .  - Do you blame the Jedi who turned - or the Council?                    .

  .  - DSP - And they were right to turn on the Order, for the Order's      .

  .    cowardice and fear was to blame.

Sooo, you can get it before he joins, but not after... bleah. Guess I glossed over the option. Regardless, thanks for the info.

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