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Would this "crash to the desktop" be a soud issue?

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I have been able to install the game, passed the first movie... created my character all semed ti be fine... then, one hour into the game... game freeze. crash into the deskto... re started the game... an like 25 mins latter You guess crash, again... this hass been on a off for the past 3 days.. I hate to have to save every 5 minutes...... here are my system's specs


Athlon XP 2600 (oc 2.17Ghz) gigabyte 3D cooler pro

Operating System:

Windows XP SP2


MSI K7N2-V(nforce2 400)


1.5 DDR 3200 ( 3 sticks) smartvision


PNY Verto GeForce 6600GT/128DDR3-OC 500/950


Western Digita 200GB ata133


Integrates card/Creative inspire 440


and all other game's run perfectly... so has I have read it may be a soun issue.. and I have an soundblaster 5.1 laying around... wil installing it fixe this crashinf thing??? I di not whated to do it because of the air flow configuration inside my case.... but if this fixes the issue I will try...

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