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CRASH whilst loading Nar Shaddaa!

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I have encountered many crashes in the game when loading, I have got round quite a few, especially when it failed to load Onderon, somehow I got it to load.


Now, it will NOT load Nar Shaddaa level, all the cut scenes play perfect, it's only when it autosaves then loads the level it crashes!


Now I tried to load a previous save I had done, it will not load that either, so now I have no chance in playing the game from where I left off!


If anyone has come accross the same problem as I have please post up as I have searched everywhere and no one has the same problem I do when loading Nar Shaddaa.


Great way to spend

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Anyone else have this same problem? :devil:


I have the exact same problem. Even by editing my savegames and warping elsewhere in the universe, I will always crash when returning to the main nar shadda area. I crash at the 1/3 point, where it appears to be doing the auto save. It comes up and says that the program needed to close, blah blah blah.

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