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Another bug? SPOILER!

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Ok, this post contains some spoilers, so don't say I didn't warn you.


After exploring the cave on Korriban (the one where I relived my past and faced Kreia and my companions), I hurried back to the Ebon Hawk to have a word with the old hag. When I entered Ebon Hawk, the screen blinked as if a cutscene/dialogue was about to take place - for the record, it *always* happens when I enter Ebon Hawk, for some reason.


So, I approach Kreia and she asks me if I had felt "it", too - a distrubance in the Force. I say that yes, I had, that it's Visas' Master yadda yadda yadda. I'm then prompted to choose my prestige class, when I'm level 15.


Now, here's the problem - I didn't feel anything in the slightest! I know the game is different from most standard RPGs in that the author's assume that your character (and, therefore, the player, knows certain things about himself and his surroundings), but, given the Blink Bug when entering Ebon Hawk, I cannot help but wonder - maybe I missed the whole Visas's Master Sensation due to yet another silly bug?


Any comments will be greatly appreciated!

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I did Korriban last, but when I enter the ship I have this blink as well. It actually didnt happen the first time I entered the ship. I had to exit and reenter, and then a half dozen cut-scenes went off, and then I got the blink. Now whenever I enter on Korriban I get a blink. Also, I can't visit any other planet. When I try to leave the ship, the title screen comes up and all I can do is Alt+F4

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