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Unwanted playing "help"

Kaftan Barlast

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This is me and my hound, Leo (yes, being a good old proper rhodesian ridgeback, he does qualify to be classified as a hound)


Leo likes to be entertained. He does not like people sitting idly in comfortable chairs. He does not like it when they are occupied with that screen and the little thing in their right hand that clicks, especially if it means they're too occupied to play "tear the head of helge the moose". He doesnt like it at all.


But Leo is clever, he has identified the mean of which the humans can be cut from their preoccupation. They must be distracted from the screen or prevented from using the tiny clicking device and the larger, flat one. So Leo gently sneaks up to the human and very gently places his large nose upon either of the two devices. If that does not help, he will simply bring his entire body with him into the armchair on top of the human that resides there, effectively stopping the human from all othe activities. From there he is also free to wreak havoc with the two before named devices, sometimes generating mysterious things to happen with the screen which the human was looking at.




...he just managed to negotiate a satisfying agreement with a Twi'Lek in K2 so its not always a bad thing..

DISCLAIMER: Do not take what I write seriously unless it is clearly and in no uncertain terms, declared by me to be meant in a serious and non-humoristic manner. If there is no clear indication, asume the post is written in jest. This notification is meant very seriously and its purpouse is to avoid misunderstandings and the consequences thereof. Furthermore; I can not be held accountable for anything I write on these forums since the idea of taking serious responsability for my unserious actions, is an oxymoron in itself.


Important: as the following sentence contains many naughty words I warn you not to read it under any circumstances; botty, knickers, wee, erogenous zone, psychiatrist, clitoris, stockings, bosom, poetry reading, dentist, fellatio and the department of agriculture.


"I suppose outright stupidity and complete lack of taste could also be considered points of view. "

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