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When do you get prestige classes? 

Once you are an extreme alignment and over level 15, I believe. Talk to Kreia at that point. If there's nothing about it, then wait until you meet Visas, then talk to Kreia again.


Is it wise to save Leveling up like KOTOR1?

It won't matter. The game is extremely easy any way you play it, pretty much.


When do you get a lightsaber?

You need to build one. You should be able to find the right components on any single planet after you finish Telos. Talk to Bao-Dur about it when you finish Telos, and then talk to him again when you have all the bits. Bare in mind that you need base parts, not upgrade parts, so you cannot make the parts at a workbench or buy them from a merchant. You aquire the parts at certain points in the story.

Hawk! Eggplant! AWAKEN!

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