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Easily Corrected Spelling Errors

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There are a few grammatical and spelling errors in the game; of these grammatical errors, I am not counting those choices in phrasing which are deemed conventional English. However, in my humble opinion, the conversational choices for the main character occasionally utilise commonly appearing phrases in spoken English that have ambiguous meaning without accompanying tone of voice.


The spelling errors could be swiftly corrected using spellcheck software on the dialogue trees. This would be very easy to do for a company like Obsidian.


Lest you think this a baseless complaint, recollect the dialogue and consider whether or not Obsidian could use a better dialogue writer than those presently in their employment. At the very least, collegiate writing skills should be demanded, and at the very least, writing standards should be equivalent to what is offered in the Chicago Manual of Style (presently in its 15th edition, University of Chicago) and Elements of Style (Strunk & White).


I've noticed similar phrasing appears throughout many of the most recent CRPG regardless of designers: Obsidian, Troika, Bioware. It's almost as if all companies hired the same hackneyed and semi-illiterate dialogue scripters to labour over the work with one or two people who possess more than scant writing ability also working with them. I do not believe that semi-literate writers should be employed to script dialogue for games that cost fifty dollars to purchase. I would be more willing to pay two dollars for this sort of writing, but probably would not purchase the game.


There should be a warning on the game: this game designed, in part, by people who do not have basic grammar and spelling skills. Better yet, fire them or shoot them.

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