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KotOR2 great game but where's the rest of it?

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I hope KotOR3 plans on tieing all the loose end better than this...


I was absolutly enthralled with the game until the last 5 minutes of the game and then just felt ripped off. The ending was such a weak cop out, like they ran out of time and then went "andshewavedamagicwandandeverythingwascool. The end."


I've only finished Light Side, I'm going to do Dark side next, I hope it peices together at least some of the confusion this game left me with.


With all the talk of Revan and what not you'd think you'd at least meet him in the end. What the heck was with GOTO and Remote.

Mira's part in the story seems significant but never explained

What of the love triangle between your character, Dicisple and Mr. I can only ever talk to him about pazaak after Telos.

What of the exchange

the list goes on.


Great game, poor ending :wub:

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