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Anyone Able to load dantooine for the Second time?


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After completing most of the game, i return to dantooine after finding all the jedi's, but when i leave the ebon hawk. Once i pick my crew to go with me, the screen turns black, and nothing happens =( Anyone know a way to fix that? Or anything you could do about it. Kind of stuck and no where else to go.

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This is exactly the problem I am having, and the nature of the problem suggests that it isn't a video driver/hardware issue or anything like that (because the game has been working fine up until this point, even on Dantooine the first time).


Seems like some kind of game logic error, like we must have taken some combination of branch paths that was unanticipated by the designers or something like that.


Just to be sure, I have tried everything, from reducing video down to basic 640x480 with no features enabled, to loading up old savegames and trying to go back to Dantooine, but unless I load up one from before I finished Dantooine the first time (which load up fine), I can never get off the ship at Dantooine again.


I can land there, but as soon as I try and step off the Ebon Hawk - regardless of party configuration - all I get is black screen with a mouse cursor. ALT-F4 will exit, with a game prompt asking "Quit without saving - Are you sure" or something like that.


Man, I hope the forthcoming patch fixes this!!!


>*< Fritz

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