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the KOTOR II lightsaber form:

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+ Nice writing

+ Excellent plot

+ Wishy-washy emotional crap that touched my scabbed heart

+ Bao-Dur

+ Sexy old twilek

+ Sexy old twilek's weird looking eyeballs

+ Dancer's uniform

+ Silver lightsaber

+ "Republic Senate Rules" Hahahahahahaha

+ Music

+ bad-ass-ness of the Sith Lords

+ Lack of Atton-Bao-Dur kissing scene

+ Ending (Quiet, you nay-sayers. I loved the ending.)



- Lack of Visas-Handmaiden kissing scene

- Atris. Could have used a little more development.

- "ADMIRAL" Carth. I wouldn't trust Carth as my janitor, much less the commander of my fleet.

- Bastila's cameo: I thought I left her guts splattered across half the galaxy in the first game.

- Some useless force powers

- Overpowered Force storm.

- Harbinger looks like a rusted-screwdriver more than a fearsome warship.

- Ebon Hawk seems much bigger on the inside than outside.

- No Kreia romance (damn!)

Word economics

To express my vast wisdom

I speak in haiku's.

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