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Dantooine Bug

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There is a bug with the game on Dantooine where the frame rate drops to the point where the character is unmovable if using an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro All In Wonder using the Catalyst 5.2 Drivers. Someone else reported the same problem on this forum with the same card and drivers. Two different systems with different specs using the same card and same drivers with the same problem leave little doubt the problem is not a coincidence with the ATI 9800 Pro All In Wonder.


The game is unplayable as is. I enjoy the game and would hate to have to return it. Question is this, is it a driver issue or perhaps a bug in the game? I tend to think that a new driver version needs to be released for the ATI Video Card. Though I have seen many bugs reported with this game on many forums and reviews so I know there are bugs involving many different video cards and system specs.


Competition is a good thing but bad as well as there are so many variations that running a game now-a-days without a problem is a luxury. Perhaps a monoploy would be a better option. One brand of system, one brand of video card, no variations and all games would be released bug free like on consoles. At least a lot more stable.

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