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Nar Shaddaa VIP room glitch


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hey folks


i got the pc version of KOTOR2, and its fine up to the point where i hit Nar Shaddaa, in search of the jedi master, after getting the exchange to notice me (and sending those mercs to attack my ship) after killing all of the attackers , according to the walkthroughs/faqs, i should've gotten an invite to that VIP room in the toxic gas bar, and just to be sure i pissed the exchange off well enough i even paid that kid outside the catina, but that invite never arrived and i'm completely stuck.


i've done all of the sidequests on the planet and i've read through a load of walkthroughs, so if anyone can help out, i'd really like that.



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Similar things happend to me.


I got rid of the hijackers, but i didnt know i would have gotten the invite so i just ran here and there solving quest.


Then i got tired and headed to another planet.


After i finished that quest i headed back. after i ran about i got the invite.

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