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A list of complaints.

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Hey everyone, new poster here.


First of all, id like to thank Obsidian for a great game, storywise and playingwise. Huge fun.


BUT... The bugs are ruining this game. A very large group of people cant even play the game becouse of the huge amount of bugs that is in it.


For me, im getting very frequent total lockups, requring a total reboot, every 20 min or so.


Ive had 4 corrupted quicksaves so far. Absolutly horrendous. (especially since i crash every 20 min or so, i quicksave every 5 sec or so :p)


Im getting 10-15 sec lags now and then, during certain areas.


But the biggest complaint is the total lack of developer responses. Where are the progress reports? Informing the community? The information on patches?


You have released an unfinished, and broken game. You better fix it, or both your reputation as a fledgling devopler house, and your gamesales are gonna go down the drain.

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