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I started playing the game on a 2.4 GHz NVIDIA Gforce FX and I had no problems like I had running this game on my 1.5 ATI 9700. I did encounter minor bugs. For example on Peragus, if I stop in a doorway and tried to turn around, I was walking in place, and had to maneuver in circles to get out, it happened in a few places where there were no obstacles and I was not able to move till I toggled around a little to get the character out as if it was sticky. It seems to happen near other walls and such. Not sure if the DEV's want to hear about minor problems, but I am just so thankful I have different graphics cards on different computers otherwise I think I would still be upset that I could not get it to work properly on my computer with an ATI card? I guess as my husband was telling me, ATI is a very good card, but like the AMD of chips. AMD chips are very good chips, but everyone knows INTEL chips makes the best chips (well Celerons needed more work that is for sure!). :wub:

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I disagree, I have an AMD chip and it is the best chip that I have ever had, (And I have had about 20 or so intel chips and boards). I like my AMD very very much, Although I have notice that little anoying bug.


know everyone wont agree, I am a little bias because my husband works at Intel and makes the chips, and going into the technical issues of making a chip, I think I would prefer an Intel processor, BUT AMD chips are getting better and better and I think they are very comparable. Intel is coming out with another new cool chip actually. I will say this AMD chips BLOW away Celerons! :p

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