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Avoid Load screen freezes!

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Hello all,

The first 3 times I tried to play KOTOR 2, I would get about 5 to 7 hours into it and start to have major loading problems, sometimes from the the start menu, more often within the game. My XBOX was making weird high pitched squeals, but nothing would happen and I would sit there and stare, doing my best to resist the urge to throw my controller through the TV screen.


BUT on the last time though I noticed that it happened on Telos right after I went swoop racing. So I cleared my XBOX's hard drive (because a corrupted save file is causing the freeze) and started over, determined to avoid swoop racing. It's a non-critical part of the game anyway. Now I'm on Dantooine enjoying one of the best games I've played in a long time.



So, clear out your hard drive, don't go swoop racing. It's working for me, should work for you.

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