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Who should make KoTOR III?

Who should make KoTOR III?  

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  1. 1. Who should make KoTOR III?

    • Bioware
    • Obsidian
    • Activision
    • Infroactive Games
    • EA Games
    • Atari
    • Pandemic
    • Liquid Entertainment
    • SCI Games
    • Any other gaming companies you can think of

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I was just wondering...


Although it is not official (fan sites DO NOT count as official, only when LA or the game maker says it is coming out it is official), who do YOU want to make KoTOR III?


1. No offence to Bioware Corp. whatsoever. They did a FANTASTIC job with KoTOR I and started the magnificent series. This game won 39 game of the year awards!


2. No offence to Obsidian Net. I have not had the opportunity to play KoTOR II (PC comes out Feb 15th in Sydney, Australia) however, from what I hear, the game is just as good, the graphics is just as good and the storyline is just as good. More force powers, new characters (more characters too) and outstanding new features such as effecting NPCs force alignment, etc.


However, I was wondering, who would YOU rather to make KoTOR III.


Ultimately, it is most likley Obsidian but curiosity will prevail and I will make this poll.

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