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the xbox has caches in the x,y and z partitions kotor2 uses these caches as do all games but the current kotor2 cache corrupts easily and thats what the text jumble is

thats why you wont have it one time but maybe the next time you will because these caches rewrite themselves everyonce and a while


for people with modded xboxs it is easy ftp and delete the cache for non modded xbox i got these instructions from MS


learing game cache on the Xbox hard disk

To clear the game cache on the Xbox hard disk, you must first copy to a memory unit all the games for this title that are saved to the hard disk. When that is complete, you can clear the cache on the Xbox hard disk. To do this:

Insert a memory unit into a controller connected to your Xbox console.

Remove the game disc from the disc tray.

On the Xbox dashboard, select Memory.

Select Xbox Hard Disk.

In the list of games, select the game that you want to back up.

Select the appropriate save game icon (located to the right of the game icon). Each save game is identified with a name, date, time, and size.

On the Copy/Delete menu for the save game, select Save.

Note If the Copy command is not available, you have not selected a save game file.

When the game has been saved, return to the list of save games.

Repeat these steps for each save game that you want to back up for this title.

Delete the large game icon to the left of the list of game titles, and then select Yes to delete the game cache permanently.

Note If the Copy command is available, you have selected a game save file, not the game cache file. If this is the case, return to step 6, and then select the left-most icon.

Make sure that the icon is no longer listed, and then restart the console.

Insert the game disc into the disc tray, and then either load your latest saved game from the memory unit, or play the game from the beginning.


good luck :blink:

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