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Hey, I got the Flash MX a few days ago and have been experimenting with it but I don't understand it all. I tried to look for some tutorials on the net but they're all too specific or too complicated. Can anyone provide me with any links or help? It would be greatly appreciated. Thnkx

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OMG! I got flash 6 months ago too, I can totally relate to your confusion, but luckily I had a good IT teacher to help me. Now I pretty much grasp flash, and its really fun. It would be a pleasure to help!

1) Try Flash Kit.com, it has tutorials, eveything you need for flash.


2)Press F1 in flash, brings up the contents help menu.


3) Visit all the different flash sites, and watch animations for ideas and inspiration.


4) if you want to ask any questions email me. IF you can give me your email, I can send you some cool lightsaber animations that I made today :thumbsup:

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