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Help me please

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No need to feel stupid it is an easy mistake to make. That first level has you running around in circles so much that it's easy to overlook a corridor that you may have gone down earlier and found nothing of intrest. Remember that through the game though there are lots of times where you will need to back track to areass you have already elxplored to get through the level.

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this took me forever at first too. i kept looking and looking. i never thought about going up the ramp until my dad was watching me play and mentioned it. i was even looking through the guide trying to find out where to go but all it says is go to the harbinger.

the force is what gives a jedi his power. its an energy field created by all living things. it surrounds us and penetrates us. it binds the galaxy together

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Though it is highly embarresing I found myself having trouble with this too, I ran all around down in the fuel depot and every which way, and then I looked at the guide's maps and sure enough it said "To harbinger" or something like that leading from a ramp nearby and im like "boy im so stupid" but yes it doesn't say how to get to the harbinger in the guide, and the direction the characters run is offleading, it's towards a door you can't enter(which really doesn't make much sense)

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Please help me I was doing good but i cannot figure out how to get in to the fuel line so I can get in to the republic ship called the Herbringer or something please help when you get this.Thx



Call it luck, but i have beaten the game twice and each time, i fly right through that part like a Mynock being chased by a Rancor.

"There is no running or hiding, Jedi. Your times up."


-Boba Fett-


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